Phil Van Tee

A great little story using 2 ropes that even you can get involved with.

Jeff Black

Jeff black showing off csome great slights from the comfort of his own home.

Tokyo Disney Magic Show

Goofy & Donald doing a magic show at Tokyo Jappan.

Black Scorpion

Magic and Wrestling have had a long history together. In this video The Black Scorpion prolongs a long feud with Sting by performing some classic Vegas illusion... I mean "Black Magic".

Piff the Magic Dragon

A great magic routine from Piff the Magic Dragon, I wonder if he is related to Puff...

Sal Piacente

Sal Piacente on the morning new shewing some cheating techniques and performing some magic for the crew. Enjoy!

Card Throwing w/ Brian Brushwood

Brian Brushwood demonstrates his wicked skills with a single card.

Crow Garrett

Crow Garrett performs with a Rock n' Roll style and attitude that can be loved by all. Enjoy this little montage of a couple effects.

Amazing Street Magic!

Street Magic at its best... Hum... Kinda?


Selene takes levitation to a whole different level as she performs Astrosphere, Her choice in music, clothing & location gives this a sexy and romantic look.

Durgy Spade

Durgy, A street magician proves that the impossible might be possible right in the spectators hand. With a bottle and its cap he can do amazing things.

Paper Butterfly’s

Here is a quick video of a beautiful effect from the equally as beautiful Safire. Its amazing the life that can come into inanimate objects.

Hanging with Smoothini

During some time in the Bronx, NY while it was a blizzard outside Smoothini still makes the best times with everyone around him. Just watch what he does when a buddy puts him on the spot and ask him to perform with an empty beer can. (Warning! Contains some graphic language.)

I Dream Of Jeannie (Sue-Anne Webster)

I dream of Jeannie, A classic TV show that many around the world have grown up with filled with all sorts of magic effects from another world as Jeannie would get into all sorts of trouble only to work her way out of it with her special powers. Sue-Anne Webster brings the world of Jennie into the land of slight of hand and illusion... Enjoy, I did! ;-)

Francis McAllister (Oreo Cookie)

A magician cuts a piece of paper and restores it back together, Francis McAllister bites a Oreo Cookie... I don't want to ruin the ending. Enjoy!

John George (Jack n’ The Box)

Master slight of hand artist John George plays a classic pea and shell game with his modern rendition of using the little Jack antenna heads. Follow along if you can. Its a fun game for all to play. ;-)

Rock Magic

With looks & moves like these does he really need to do magic? Devlin the Rock Magician holds on to the 80's glam metal style and mixes his own modern day effects into his performance. His patriotic love for America can be seen along with his disgust towards a villain that terrorizes against this great country of ours. I have personalty sat through this video many times with great enjoyment and laughs now you will too... I love the music!!! lol

Francis McAllister (pierced tongue)

When you want to get your tongue pierced this would be the way "NOT" to do it. Francis McAllister shows you that mind over matter works in many way's. Notice how he controls his pain tolerance. Is it magic or a ancient martial art? The world may never know...

Tron Optical Illusion

Still in the mood for Tron? Check out this optical illusion someone made in their house with some Christmas lights and a lot of time.

Farrell Dillon eating a Guinea Pig!

One of my favorite magicians is Farrell Dillon here is this video you can see why. His zany characteristics and lovable attitude will make the most sadistic of moments a pleasurable time for all to have. Really! You cant help but love this guy!