Rocco with Coins

Rocco dong something a little different than what he usually does.

Ammar ACR

Michael Ammar is show a great Ambitous Card Routine.

Floating Cigarette

a pretty cool levitation effect with a cigarette, and tell us what you think of this performance.

Old Footage of Chris Kenner

footage of preforming tricks from totally out of control.

Master Class – Robert Harbin

You say you don't like big box illusions, especially the the overdone and overexposed Zig-Zag? I can appreciate that, but before you completely write off the genre, take a look at this historical clip.  Robert Harbin, the inventor of the Zig-Zag, performing his original presentation on British TV. Does the patter seem simple? Explanatory and dry? Look closer. Think about why he's doing that instead of telling some grand story or dancing and striking "magical" poses around the box. Any ideas?

Wayne Dobson Kills It

In this magic video, Wayne Dobson kills an audience with his spot on comedy and a few simple but expertly executed effects. Thank you to iTricks.TV viewer Even for the link.

McBride on Cardini

Cardini was one of the best of the best. See a sample for yourself, and listen to Jeff McBride's thoughts on the matter. What do you think? In a world where bizarre, bloody magic and close-up "street" magic rules the TV, can a manipulation act still have a place?

Tommy Wonder: Everywhere and nowhere

Tommy Wonder shows off an amazing routine with a king of spades

Hadji Ali: The Fakir Water Spouter

In this magic video, Egyptian regurgitator Hadji Ali performs some of his famous bits. According to his Twitter feed, this is one David Blaine's favorite performances.

Kalin & Jinger Sawing in half on Masters of Illusion

In this magic video, Kalin & Jinger perform a Sawing in half on Masters of Illusion.

Weird Cutting

In this magic video, a magician does a version of sawing a woman in half.

Doug Henning – Produces 3 Animals

In this magic video, Doug Henning produces 3 animals.

Doug Henning – Coins & Cards

In this magic video, Doug Henning produces coins from two cards.

Johnny Ace Palmer perform’s his winning FISM act

Watch award-winning close-up magician Johnny Ace Palmer, perform his winning FISM act from back in 1988.

John Scarne

In this magic video, John Scarne demonstrates some card table sleights.

Pop Haydn The Teaching Act

In this magic video Whit Haydn is performing some great magic at the Magic Castle

Penn and Teller Cup and Balls

In this magic video, Penn and Teller show a golfer how to do the cups and balls, kind of.

Ricky Jay – The Cups and Balls

In this magic video, Ricky Jay performs the cups and balls.

Dai Vernon on Magic Circus

In this magic video from the magic circus, Dai Vernon performs the cups and balls.