James Galea

In 2009 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala for Oxfam Australia. James Galea made an appearance to support this fundraiser performing some funny renditions of some classic effects one being that of "Sam The Bellhop". It's funny enjoyable and card magic at its best. Enjoy!

Joe Monti (CA Magic Kit)

Christmas time is coming up and if you are looking for a great last minuet gift the Criss Angel Magic Kit is good for all ages. One of the best kits out there on the market for a great price at that. In this video Itrick's good friend Joe Monti demonstrates some of the effects that come in the kit on the HSN network. (Notice how Joe will take one effect and present it in many different ways. Food for thought for some of the up and coming magicians out there...) Congrats to Joe for his many successful appearances on HSN! Keep on rocking it!

Baby Card Trick

John Shyrock is known in the magic world as being one of the best close-up and stage magicians out there with his wife Mari Lynn they have been amazing and romancing their audiences for well overĀ  20 years , with her moves that can bring a man to his knees and his million dollar smile they will continue to do so. But the true talent lays with in the children. In this video One of the Shyrock little ones makes her on stage debut as the whole family comes together for a great performance.

A Strange Rhyme

Joe Diamond tells a little rhyme with the help of some cards.

Reversed Biddle Trick

Well, here is the idea of the biddle trick, with a little... pizazz...

The’me by Andrei Jikh

Here we see master cardist Andrei Jikh performing some of his own origional flourishes. This is by far one of the best cardistry videos I have ever seen. Enjoy the beauty and all this video has to offer and enjoy.

The Sleight of hand side of Derren Brown

We have all seen the mentalism of Derren Brown, but I bet a lot of us haven't seen some of the sleight of hand that Derren can do with cards. Derren knows a lot about sleight of hand, even if most of us rarely see it. Derren performs the trick for a young lady and gets a smooch at the end. This is one of the tricks from his DVD set "the devil's picture book"

Bill Malone Cards Across

Bill Malone does a great cards across routine and really involves the audience.

Ammar ACR

Michael Ammar is show a great Ambitous Card Routine.

Old Footage of Chris Kenner

footage of preforming tricks from totally out of control.


A collectors trick preformed by Zach Mueller (Zachmonky on youtube), tell us what you think.

Marked For Life

A trick preformed by Michael Ammar with a twist and a funny story behind it, tell us what you think in a comment below.

Martin Nash – A tribute

Here's a fan-made tribute to Martin Nash - "The Charming Cheat". He added grace and class to the close-up cardworking world. He'll be missed. Thanks to YouTube user "TheShade76" for your hard work and respect for the masters.


can you spot all of the sleights?

Dr. Daley’s Last Trick

In this magic video, Bill Malone performs Dr. Daley's last trick the only way he knows how. Rapid-fire, hilarious and flawless.

Tommy Wonder: Everywhere and nowhere

Tommy Wonder shows off an amazing routine with a king of spades

Danny Garcia – Sam The Bellhop (NSFW)

Daniel Garcia's version of "Sam The Bellhop" is impromptu, hilariouis and NSFW. Recorded live on Brian Brushood's BBLiveshow [1] [1] http://www.bbliveshow.com/

Jamy Ian Swiss on Magic and Lying

From the PBS Documentary "The Art of Magic" Jamy Ian Swiss performs card underglass and talks about his philosophy on magic and lying. Check out 00:19 where he actually looks at the camera while he makes a critical move. It's not the mechanics (although he's a master), it's the timing and misdirection.


In this magic video, we see Alan Rorrison's new DVD Sigillum Diaboli card transformation.

Huge High School Reaction

In this magic video, Francis McAllister gets the kind of reaction a young magician dreams about in the face of some foul-mouthed hecklers. WARNING: someone uses a compound word describing bull droppings.