Timoteo Crnkovic

A magician with the style of a spy. Check out this cool effect with a deck of cards.

Orson Welles performs Russian Roulette

Orson Welles performs one of the scariest Magic effects on TV

Orson Welles and the Muppets.

Orson Welles demonstrates a great classic illusion for everyones favorite group the Muppets!

Orson Welles predicts Angie Dickenson’s Card

Orson Welles does a great card effect for Angie Dickenson

Orson Welles

Welles doing a great duck appearance.


Performing a montage of his horror effects.

David Nixon

David Nixon performing his Thai Torture Chamber

Magic from China

A great magic performance from China

Horace Goldin

Horace Goldin performing his classic illusion act.

Tony Slydini

Tony Slydini performing The Helicopter Card

Alex Elmsley

Alex Elmsley doing his famous color changing farro shuffle

James Brandon

James uses some tribal magic to amaze the audience.

Kyle Knight & Mistie

Kyle Knight performing a funny card stab routine.

Lance Burton

Doing a little magic on the Late Late show.


Bizzaro attempts a Dangerous Card Trick

Criss Angel -Shadows

Criss doing an eerie effect on MindFreak

David Blaine meets Miley Cyrus

David Blaine meeting Miley Cyrus in his own special way...

Mac King

mac doing his famous goldfish trick on David Letterman.

Joe Monti Vaudeville act

Joe Monti being the best that he is Comedy Gold!

An Ha Lim

An Ha-Lim showing off his amazing talent with cards.